What on earth is British Standard lock?


Sunday, December 1st 2019
You have a locksmith repairing your door when he ask, would you like me to fit you a British Standard lock? You think, how much would it cost? Why should I? The lock is manufactured and designed to resist a break-in. As a homeowner, you should fit BS3621 locks to your doors. It could prevent theft by slowing the thief down or creating a lot of noise which would alert you and the naibours to the commotion. Further, your doors may be required to be installed with BS3621 by your home insurance, or it could give you access to bigger savings on your insurance policy. Thק standard is often specified for external exit doors on a property (front and back doors). These are the doors that are most in danger when the home security is challenged by a break-in attempts. It is agreed that internal doors do not require the level of security offered by BS3621. Nevertheless, circumstances may lead you to consider it necessary. For an internal door, it is more common to use a cheaper lock with lower levels of security, such as 2 lever and 3 lever models. Various features are required to get a lock to comply with BS3621. Firstly, the lock must be of a 5 lever design. LOOK OUT, some as 5 lever locks are available which are NOT conform to BS3612. These will still offer a good level of security but won't necessarily offer additional security features which are present on approved locks. The main features of the British Standard lock aimed at attack resistance. To meet the standard the lock must be able to withstand drill attacks for at least 5 minutes, bolt attacks for at least 5 minutes. Further, the lock has to have an anti-picking mechanism in place and the main bolt of the lock must be at least 20mm in length. The keep too, where the bolt enters in the door frame, must be of good quality design. Check your lock to see if its BS3621 compliant, the BS “kitemark” should be displayed on the lock. More often than not it would engraved on the faceplate, close to the bolt. If the BS mark is not displayed it may be a good idea to check with your insurer, it may be a requirement in which case your policy could be invalid. For more information, contact Max Locksmiths