What is 5-star rating locks


Friday, January 6th 2023
The 5-star rating system for locks is a way of rating the security of a lock based on the amount of protection it provides against various types of attacks. The higher the star rating, the more secure the lock is. The 5-star rating system is used by the British Standards Institute (BSI) to evaluate the security of locks and other security products. The rating system is based on a set of performance standards that are designed to test the resistance of a lock to various types of attacks, such as picking, drilling, and tampering. To earn a 5-star rating, a lock must meet the highest level of security standards and be able to withstand a wide range of attacks. Locks with a 5-star rating are typically considered to be the most secure available and are often used in commercial and public buildings. It is important to note that the 5-star rating system is just one factor to consider when choosing a lock. Other factors, such as the type of lock, the location of the lock, and the level of security required, can also influence the suitability of a particular lock for your needs. Most locksmiths in the UK can supply and install 5-star rating locks, check with your locksmith when choosing new locks in your property. Who are British Standards Institute (BSI) The British Standards Institute (BSI) is a standards organization that develops and publishes standards for a wide range of industries and products, including security products such as locks. BSI was established in 1901 and is headquartered in London, England. BSI is responsible for setting standards for many different types of products and services, including construction materials, electrical products, medical devices, and more. In the field of security, BSI develops and publishes standards for locks, safes, security systems, and other security products. These standards are designed to ensure that these products are of a high quality and provide a certain level of security. In addition to developing and publishing standards, BSI also provides training, certification, and testing services to help businesses ensure that their products and services meet the appropriate standards. BSI is a well-respected organization in the UK and around the world, and its standards are widely used and recognized as a benchmark for quality and security.