All about anti snap door cylinders


Friday, August 30th 2019
If you have ever experienced a burglary or are afraid of experiencing one, then the anti snap euro cylinder is the defensive mechanism you should consider having. Burglars won’t be able to break into your home as quick if you have installed anti snap cylinders. What are anti snap locks? Anti snap locks prevent locks from snapping – making it difficult for intruders to break the lock and gain entry. those locks designed to have two parts, they enable the door to lock if a burglar manages to break the front part, and a barrier between the two parts prevents access to the second part of the lock – allowing you to continue using this lock, until you change the whole lock. The locks have been tried and tested to ensure that they are safe and durable. Anti snap euro cylinders Installing a strong, reliable and durable cylinder is one of the best steps to take in securing your home or business. The anti snap euro cylinder comes in different sizes and finishes – including nickel and brass – making it easy to match the door finish requirements and one that suits your security requirements. Investing in anti snap euro cylinders is a great way to safeguard your home and business Why you should consider anti snap euro cylinder locks? Anti snap euro cylinder locks have a high-security dimple cut blade key which provides maximum security in your home or business, and a classic 12 telescopic pin tumbler system to reinforce security. When contacting your locksmith, make sure they carry anti snap euro cylinder locks so you have the option when visiting your property to choose the best security level possible for your doors – some locks look the part, giving your door a classy and attractive look. Anti snap euro cylinder locks also have an anti-bump feature besides the anti-snap technology.