Reviews Policy on our Website

1. We (“UK Local Locksmith” “we” or “us”).

2. These Conditions of posting reviews (the “Conditions”) govern the terms of use of UK Local Locksmith third party review.

3. For reviewers, we offer you the opportunity to rate and review your genuine observations and experiences you have had with businesses you use by submiting it to us directly, and;

4. only valid reviews will be included on our website by verification of the service provided to you by either us, or third party business whome you have recieved the service from.

How we verify?

  1. we ask for proof of service, and;
  2. acceptable document required, such as Invoice issued to you by the company, business or individual professional with their full busines details, by either printed or stamped, includes and not limited to Logo, Company name, address and contact number as it apears on the Website. There are other means we use to confirm the validity of the ("services" and "products") provided; or
  3. at our own descretion contact the relevant service provider, with view to authenticate the validity of the service.

5. For businesses, we offer you the opportunity to resolve all matters with your customer, and include your response to any review. and;

6. reviews broadcast your reputation as ratings in the search results, these may include search results on search engines.

We encourage individuals and businesses alike of free speech and defend their right to express popular or unpopular points of view. However, we do not promote any abusive and offensive behaviour. This includes (and is not limited to) the use of profanities; threats; prejudice; hate speech; and/ or, sexually explicit language.

7. Views, comments and experince you share should be your own and not someone elses who owns the copyright, or by other users and unattributed quotes. The comments otherwise be ignored, and will not be posted on the Website, or removed without notice to you.

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